We have fully equipped machineries and well trained technician to do the the following works

  • Rim repairing
  • Rim polishing
  • Rim Painting
  • Rim Denting
  • Fixing of wheel Spacer
Our Wheel repair services will bring your wheel bent cracked and into perfect conditions

Reason of bent wheel

Wheels may be out of shape or bent reason behind is vibration or wobbling while driving the car.
Proper maintenance the rim is absolutely necessary to keep the tyre and tube in a safe condition. We understand this fact and therefore provide necessary services in the following areas:

Rim Bend Check Machine

First we will check the rim bend through this machine, etc. are undertaken to keep the rim in good shape which will result in proper rotation and smooth drive.

Rim Bend Repairing

After find out the RIM Bend then repaire the RIM and bring into normal condition.

Rim Polishing

Shiny rim gives a facelift to your vehicle. Realizing this fact, we do provide excellent rim polishing services to make your rim shine with glow.

Fixing of Wheel Spacer

Fixing of wheel space is another important feature of maintaining your wheel in a proper shape. We do provide fixing of wheel spacer and other related services.