We are doing complete set of auto mechanical work in our garage like

  • Auto mechanical work
  • Auto electrical work
  • Auto air condition work
  • Air condition filling
  • speed limit installation
  • Auto full painting work ( car polishing and Painting)
  • Auto oil change
  • Computer Diagnosis


Keeping the brake in the right condition makes your driving tension free and also provides you the safety while driving. We undertake Brake works in a professional and modern way. We identify the brake problems, check brake oil levels and attend to the problems then and there


Just like a proper sports shoe providing cushion effect and protecting your knees and joints from damage and orthopedic problems, a proper suspension system in your vehicle will make your journey smooth and also will protect the components of your vehicle from getting damaged. The life of those components will be increased due to good suspension. It will also help in safeguarding your body eradicating back pain and spinal cord problems

Having these factors in our mind, we undertake suspension works in a professional manner.


Maintaining the Electrical Parts of your vehicle like Headlight, Indicators, Parking Lamps, Brake Lamp, etc. are very much essential to give proper indication to the other vehicles on the road and protect your vehicle from being damaged.

We do proper checkup of the Electrical Components of the vehicle and solve the problems in a short period of time.


Speed Limiter were made mandatory for 15e UAE's mini buses. Now used on 15e mini buses plying as UAE roads have such speed limiters installed. The maximum speed is restricted to 100 Kmph

Speed Limiters will help in reducing fuel consumption by keeping the vehicle in optimum speed zone. Moreover, control over speeding means reduced need for braking, less vibration, less engine stain and also less ------.


Air Condition has become an essential aspect of your vehicle to prevent you from various problems like heat, dust and noise. Proper maintenance of A/C in your vehicle is essential to avoid leakage of A/C and enable optimum spread of flow of air to get maximum benefit out of it. We do proper checking of compressor and other components of your A/C Machine and undertake A/C Repair Works and Fill the A/C Car.


Dents and scratches on your vehicle will spoil the appearance of your vehicle and will also upset your mind. We undertake dent removing works to restore your vehicle to the original shape and make you forget what has happened to it in the past.


We undertake painting works for your vehicle, using the latest technologies in painting. We ensure fine finish, durability of colour and provide a very satisfactory service to make your car shining. We have own air contineded paint bools.


Proper polishing of your vehicle will make it shining and will also make you proud. We use modern polishing techniques to keep your car in a glittering manner.


We do undertake variety of mechanical repairs your vehicle may come across from time to time. The problems are attended to in a very systematic and profession manner to track the defects in a very short time and provide the right solution


Regularly change your carís engine oil and filter is one of the most important things your cars do to keep your car good running condition. We are using best oil and oil filter for your car.