We have undertake tyre puncture work. The good news is that half of all flat tyres causes by a puncture can be repairable safely and least cost without changing or replacement of new tyre

we are doing 3 types of puncture

Normal puncture, Special puncture and Patch puncture

Generally we will remove the tyre from wheel and fully inspected for internal damage before the puncture is repaired and inform/ advice you which type of puncture is preferable for your case
Fast and proper puncture services are essential to save the valuable time of our customers. We realize this fact and we provide quality puncture services which include:

Ordinary Puncture / Normal Puncture

We do undertake ordinary puncture and repair works for normal typres and tubes at a very nominal fee.

Special Puncture

When it comes to special puncture works like tubeless tyre puncture work, vulcanizing, retreading, etc.

Patch Puncture

Patching and repair works are undertaken to rectify the damages caused to the tyres and tubes from time to time, in an efficient manner.