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All Brand of Tyres

We are dealing Gulf Specifications tyres. It is the tyres of your car which comes directly in contact with the road and takes the pain of carrying the vehicle to the destination without causing you any discomfort.

We maintain stringent quality control measures. We also provide right information to our customers and understand their need to provide a quality tyre which suits their requirement.

Tyre Tube

Proper tube is essential to enhance the life of the Tyre and to provide smooth and trouble-free driving. We deal with popular and quality brands of tubes.

Nitrogen Air Filling

We have Nitrogen Air Filling option for the customer benefits of the Nitrogen Air
1. Customer can Save money.
2. To perform better towards handling, and steering charterstics are more better
3. Increase safety of customer - Since Nitrogen Filles tyres are put under less stress----- they don't overheat and keep the tyres in cool
4. This is more Comfortable for the customer